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Sr. Project Manager

Thien Do




Thien Do

Thien Do, P.E., is a first-generation immigrant from Vietnam. Prior to his current Electrical Engineer position at Edge, Thien had walked various paths- he was a high school math tutor, a very skinny security guard, an artilleryman, and lastly the go-to-demolition-man of a small construction company. While he did not envision himself being confined to an office, Thien discovered his interest in electrical knowledge, leading him to embrace his current position. He snagged an Electrical Engineering degree in 2015 and a Professional Engineer license in 2018. Through the years, Thien has completed numerous healthcare, school, and power system studies projects. His two favorite and most notable projects were a Veteran Affairs clinic and a Tesla backup power infrastructure for a laboratory upgrade. 

Apart from his professional life, Thien appreciates spending time in the kitchen to craft delicious (sometime) meals for his family. He enjoys cooking a variety of dishes, anything from Pho Ga to pizza and paella. To fend off the "excess energy storage," Thien enjoys running, cycling, and strength training.

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