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Electrical Designer

Nono Simanto



Nono Simanto

Nono Simanto is a dedicated project manager at EDGE Electrical Consulting, where he has been contributing his expertise since 2019. He has gained valuable experience across various sectors, including healthcare, commercial, and education. Before joining EDGE, Nono built a solid foundation as a licensed general contractor, a background that significantly enhances his current role. 

Outside of his professional life, Nono embraces the great outdoors whenever possible. You may catch him riding his bicycle along the scenic American River Trail or enjoying a game of bowling or pool with his family and friends. A passionate sports fan, he enthusiastically supports the San Francisco 49ers and the Sacramento Kings. Inspired by a simple yet profound motto, Nono strives to "live a good story," a philosophy that guides both his personal and professional endeavors, enriching his journey and those of the people around him.

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