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REVIT Modeler / Drafter

Mark Shelton



Mark Shelton

Mark Shelton is a versatile professional at EDGE with three years of experience and a growing passion for design. Throughout his time at EDGE, Mark has shown a continuous desire for self-improvement and development. He is currently studying to obtain his Engineer in Training (EIT) certification. Mark's skills include a unique approach to problem-solving, critical thinking, and a constant pursuit of constructive criticism to foster his growth. He excels in viewing challenges from unconventional perspectives, often stimulating productive discussions and innovative solutions. 

Outside of his professional endeavors, Mark enjoys analyzing situations from an outsider's viewpoint and engaging in thought-provoking debates, gaming, and working out. Mark is always on the lookout for opportunities to grow, achieve more, and become a better version of himself. Mark's professional philosophy is rooted in treating everyone with kindness and respect. He believes that genuine laughter should never come at the expense of others. One of his favorite stoic quotes that guides his life is, "Apes together strong." In summary, Mark Shelton is a dedicated professional committed to growth, innovation, and fostering a respectful and kind environment both personally and professionally.

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