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Sr. Project Manager

Lai Vo



Lai Vo

Lai Duy Vo is a seasoned Senior Project Manager with a rich background in the electrical and architectural fields. With over a decade of hands-on experience in electrical engineering and six years in architecture, Lai brings a wealth of expertise to his role. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from California State University, Sacramento, reflecting his dedication to academic and professional excellence. Lai has played a pivotal role in numerous commercial and healthcare projects. His proficiency in managing complex healthcare imaging equipment installations, such as MRI, CT Scan, and Nuclear Medicine systems, as well as healthcare systems like Nurse Call, highlights his specialized knowledge and skills. 

Beyond his project management duties, Lai is a tech enthusiast who also oversees office IT and network administration. He enjoys building computers, a hobby that complements his professional interest in technology and innovation. When not immersed in his professional responsibilities, Lai enjoys exploring the latest tech trends and enhancing his skills. His dedication to continuous improvement and his collaborative spirit make him an invaluable member of any team. Lai's professional philosophy is guided by a few key principles: 

  • "There's no shortcut for coordination." 

  • "Bad news first." 

  • "Help me help you." 

  • "One family, one team, one direction." 

These mottos reflect his commitment to effective teamwork, clear communication, and proactive problem-solving. In summary, Lai Duy Vo combines extensive expertise with a genuine passion for his work

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