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REVIT Modeler / Drafter

Brandon Nguyen



Brandon Nguyen

Brandon Nguyen began his career as an intern for UCSD's Environment Health and Safety department, where he worked on Storm Water Pollution Prevention. He then transitioned to quality assurance/control at Apple's warehouse before finding himself (tripping through) EDGE's mostly rectangular door as a drafter. With a degree in Environmental Systems with a focus in Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego, Brandon is a complete novice to the industry. However, his drive to expand his horizons has propelled him into the world of electrical design, where he is learning the ropes of modeling and drafting with AutoCAD and Revit by diving headfirst into the challenges of poorly designed electrical systems. 

Outside of his professional life, Brandon enjoys playing games, harboring the unfounded belief that he is on the edge of greatness[; his loss count suggests otherwise.] [Eyes glazed by] the red screen of defeat, he [turns to the world outside and steps through the doorway to] "touch grass[,]" occasionally. He also enjoys cooking with friends, savoring the results with a forced smile, no matter how questionable the meal might look. After all, it's the friends and memories you form along the way that make the journey worth the strides and leaps you take, right? Brandon's personal interests reflect his curiosity and hands-on approach. He is fascinated by the circuitry of circuits, [and] enjoys building things with his hands and then breaking them, much like Lego and model kits. This aligns with his professional life, where he finds fun in figuring out how things work and solving puzzles, which designing often requires, from the limited exposure he has had so far. 

"Don't be sorry, be better." - Key & Peele

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